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Manga Otps
Last Game/Yanagi x Kujou
Hibi Chouchou/Kawasumi x Shibazeki
Horimiya/Miyamura x Hori
Hirunaka No Ryuusei/Mamura x Suzume
Tonari No Kaibutsu Kun/Yamaguchi x Shizuku

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Anonymous asked: Do you know any Aokaga doujinshi's? or midorima/takao


Heya, anon-san!

I will post links to comics as well as doujinshi, alright?!


One || white day || two || aomine/kagami || theory of happiness || run, aomine ||  forever with you || the story where aomine-san catches kagami || spoilers for chapter 192 || good morning, aomine || coming out || three ||  happy valentines day || four || r18 || aokaga manga || turn around || let’s get married || to aomine || kagami congratulations part 1 ||  kagami congratulations part 2 || a yellow umbrella || aokaga manga || equality aspiration || another aokaga manga || from goodnight to goodnight || even when we’re off court || papa mine and daddy min  || overwhelming love || confession || the story of kagami who wants ot be special to aomine-san || valentine aokaga || middle school mine meets high school aokaga || if idiocy could kill || aokaga collection part I and ii || kurobasu x fma || *** ||  *** || there’s rice on it || merry xmas aokaga ||  *** || fem!kagami || the white dream aomine sees ||belated pocky day present || a brat’s jealousy || the destructive force of kagami-kun’s smile || aokaga in winter ||

Maybe if kagami taiga was a touou student  || goodnight kagami-kun ||  kagaao || kagami kun’s meal || a lost kitty || breakfast || inconsiderate || no kidding   ||

For pretty much everything aokaga comic/dj related I’d recommend lightonie, kagamiuke and milky96.



Not quite a happy story about takao and midorima || midorima and takao in ikebukuro || one || two || three || takamido bath comic || four || im actually a girl || vampire parallel || five || six || seven || eight || nine || ero midotaka || ten ||  takao and midorima forty years older || eleven || midotaka living together || a manga about kagami-kun and takao-kun || twelve || thirteen || fourteen ||  fifteen || sixteen || happy birthday takao || takao’s and midorima’s kids and shuutoku ||  seventeen || eighteen || ill probably be able to see it || senpai became a bartending rock start part I and part ii || midorima-kun is a worry wart || since it is my birthday || paradise lost || beside you || congratulations takao-kun || he snapped || my favorite couples and their families || the first voice to be heard || You, become shuutoku’s pillar || a midorima+takao without anything in particular || love is …well || a midorima+ takao for busy people || remembering the first like || takao -> midorima || because we are boys nanodayo || midorima has what takao wants || pocky game || the day I fell in love with ou a little more than usual || special story || an ulterior motive || god and the world ||      that’s why that depends || melty || a happy accident || happy plan || 07.07 || takamido bath comic || awkward takamido || let’s bid farewell || *** || takao birthday manga || a blissful day of birth || merikuri manga || when I woke up this morning || the story of a classmate || payback || mistaken for an engagement anniversary || pierce hole || pure!takao-kun and shin-chan || no-side || possibly homo || squish squish || exposure to sparkles || takao-kun becomes aware || 0721|| 5 seconds is relatively long || passing notes during class ||  rainy day story ||

Give me back my glasses || karaoke date || permissiveness || placebo || charia manga || probably the beach’s fault ||takamido ero manga ||kira kira ||  fura-fura || t.g.w. || two persons || poetic sentiment || re:package play || boyfriend consultation || love entrainment || night blindness || lucky seventh || fortune comes || absolutely no way || HAPPYELEVENTH || summer planet || hold on me ||

And for all your midotaka comic/dj needs please follow leona-dracontis, yefione and minteave

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"So, why did you choose this place?"

"Well, I always liked running this path to school. It’s very beautiful and I thought it would be a perfect place for a picnic."

"You forgot the most important part, Rei-chan!"

"What’s that, Nagisa-kun?"

"This was where I asked to run with you!"

"Haha, right. And you did manage to keep up."

After a bit of a delay, Rei was finally able to take Nagisa to his favorite scenic running path for a picnic date. As expected, Rei IS the perfect boyfriend, even if he did freak out about Nagisa being late by a few minutes.

Background was purely inspired by Episode 3. Huge thanks goes to rafsthesketcher, who requested some cute, fluffy Reigisa goodness. Hope this is satisfyingly sweet!

Part 1 / Part 2

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"I hope he’s not worried…"

On his way for a date, Nagisa spotted a flower shop. He was already pressed for time, but he couldn’t help buying a bouquet of flowers for his boyfriend Rei. Surely he’ll appreciate the beautiful gesture despite running a bit late? 

Accompanying piece to this drawing. About 4 hours on SAI.

Awww, so sweet.

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